HR Fundamentals

Establishing a sound HR infrastructure that aligns employees and management processes with business strategies.

Employee Development

We believe that investing in the development of your staff is a proven way to enhance employee engagement and retention.


Suzanne Kirk is a dynamic facilitator of board retreats, strategic planning sessions and custom learning programs for all audiences.


Suzanne works with clients to ensure their HR practices embody their organizational culture, vision and business objectives.

At Employee Development Strategies, Inc. we believe that the Human Resources profession exists to serve and support the primary business function of the organization.

With a wealth of experience in both organizational HR leadership roles and consulting strategies, we help clients achieve business objectives by focusing on the performance of their people.

From HR fundamentals like job descriptions, employee handbooks and performance evaluation tools to development strategies like custom workshops, leadership assessments, and professional facilitation,
we focus on the people side of business.

At Employee Development Strategies, Inc.

We do not deliver canned learning solutions.

From employee handbooks, job descriptions, performance evaluations and coaching processes to employee orientation programs, custom training, and employee relations, Suzanne helps clients focus on the people side of business.

Upholding best practices
in adult learning theory.
Investing in the
of your staff.